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Our Pro Booth​

Our Pro Photo Booth is our industry-leading booth blending functionality with design. It's impossible to look at it and not feel like it is a seamless extension of your event.

Beyond its beautiful minimal design, it's crazy functional too. With a Pro rental you get access to stunning features like:

  • Text / Email / AirDrop - your guests can instantly access their photos digitally for social sharing.

  • GIF & Boomerangs - your guests can choose from traditional photos, GIFs, or Boomerangs.

  • Video Confessionals - Afraid you may not get to talk with everyone on your special day? Have them leave you a video confessional that you can watch back when you're back from your honeymoon.

  • High-quality, unlimited on-site prints for your guests to take home.

  • Custom event branded print templates, on-screen designs, and more touchpoints.




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